National Treasure

National Treasure

In the U.S., The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) is there to preserve and protect the most valuable legendary and inspirational places for present and future generations.

That includes national monuments, parks, as well as national historic trails, sites, preservations, and parks.

The NPCA has two field offices in Colorado, as a part of a southwestern network, Four Corners Energy Program in Grand Junction, and Colorado Field Office in Denver.

Many people in the state are outdoor recreation devotees. To enjoy nature and volunteer in events in marvelous parks and other outdoor spaces is an action that most people gladly accept.

This state first established a holiday to celebrate all the treasures that nature provides — Colorado Public Lands Day.

At the same time, the National Park Service manages parks. The army of Forest Rangers patrols and looks after these natural gems and wildlife in them.

National Parks

Colorado’s four National Parks are under the wing of the federal state. They are the most unusual and divergent places. When you are there, it is not uncommon to be stunned or that your breath is taken away with a most striking scene.

Just four by number but plentiful due to apparent vastness. You would need a whole life to explore every hidden corner of this dazzling wilderness.

Rocky Mountains National Park

As a gesture of appreciation to the grandiose Rockies, this park captures the genuine and natural charm of the region. It became a national park in 1915. It is labeled as the World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Full of immense mountain peaks, cascading zigzagging quick streams, glass-clear-surface lakes, massive evergreen forests, this park paints the picture of all that people have in mind when they think of this mountain.

Rocky Mountains National Park

The mountains have 58 fourteeners and thousands of acres of wildlife in a large variety.

All of these wonders concentrated on a 415 square miles territory are a reason why the popularity of this place persists throughout the time. Some of the most prominent features of the park are the glacial geology. This mountain environment is a habitat of a variety of animals and plants.

You should not miss Trail Ridge Road, the highest continuous paved road that will afford you the most blissful look from the top of the mountain. The trail is open from Memorial Day to the late fall. The Grand Lake is also unique admirable place.

Mesa Verde National Park

This park was established to pay homage to Ancestral Puebloans and to preserve their legacy near Cortez on the southwest of Colorado. With the help of President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, the park was proclaimed national.

This site tells the vivid story of ancient Puebloan people and their way of life. Breathtaking, monumental, tucked into the cliffs, the dwellings allure you to roam through. You stand speechless in front of the historical structures, handmade in the ancient time.Mesa Verde National Park

You can take a glimpse of this glorious culture and their chambers using ladders that are offered to guided tours. Rangers will send you time traveling to that particular moment in the past by sharing stories about Puebloans’ everyday life.

Tours last for approximately one hour and, with some mild effort, give you access to the home of multiple living enclaves.

The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

The park is located near the town of Alamosa, in the San Luis Valley. This sea of sand mountains is the only wonder of that kind in the whole U.S. In 1932, this property was proclaimed for the national monument. After, in 2004, initiated by the U.S. Congress, its status is elevated into Park and Preserve.

These dunes, with the tallest ones reaching 8,700 feet over the sea level, according to the research, have been formed over 440,000 years ago.The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

You can enjoy taking pictures of these massive sand sierras, also hiking, as well as driving four-wheelers along challenging Medano Pass. On the other hand, be a daredevil and try something completely different — skiing, snowboarding, or sledding down the dunes.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Black walls, from millions of years past, are stretching up towards the sky, forming an incredible narrow gorge near Montrose. The park was established as a national monument in 1933 and was redesignated as a national park in 1999.

The park owes its name to this dramatic and fantastic beauty, up to 2,700 feet high and 53 miles long. It is so deep and dark that light of the sun visits this area for only 33 minutes each day.Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Today, the tourist train is a homage to once-famous Denver and Rio Grande narrow-gauge railroad. It is an informative railroad museum, and a ranger talks about it all the way through the park. All outdoor activities you can think of are possible here, even horseback riding, kayaking, and stargazing.

There is never a shortage of things to do and places to visit in the beautiful and surprising State of Colorado.