Privacy Policy

Colorado Winter Info, found on the website (hereinafter referred to as the Website), treats the privacy of its user base with extreme seriousness. At all times, the Website remains dedicated to being compliant with all relevant national and global pieces of Internet Privacy regulations. Considering this, the Website has detailed the guidelines below (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) in order to maintain the users’ privacy and personal preferences. 

The basic intention of this policy is to be of service to the Website’s users while providing them with security and safety for their sharing of information that may identify them as individuals — Personally Identifiable Information, also referred to as PII. According to the digital information security laws currently enforced in the United States, PII is defined as information from which the contact, identification, or location of an individual may be reasonably extrapolated or used in concert with different pieces of personal information to the same effect. In order to gain the right insights into how the Website handles the processing of PII, the Website advises its users to become familiar with the Policy. 

The collection of user data by the Website is done through different methods, including but not limited to commercial services, advertisements, and the Website proper. This Privacy Policy describes in what ways and when the Website collects, shares, and uses the information on entities and individuals who utilize the Website’s services. 

Type of Collected Information

The Website will only gather user data which is provided with the users’ explicit consent or data that the Website is allowed to gather in compliance with the local legal requests or general regulations. The user data that the Website may collect includes, but is not limited to:

  • Postal address, phone number, social media account links, email address, personal name;
  • Data related to users’ financial accounts, including credit and debit card numbers, as well as other payment information. Though, debit and credit card numbers and other data are not retained by the Website but are instead processed through a third-party server belonging to a payment processing company. 

Additionally, the Website may gather user data that pertains to the Website itself, such as the users’ passwords and usernames, if the users register an account on the Website. Also, the Website is allowed to gather any sort of personal data that this Policy describes if it is required in the case of any legal claims or disputes involving the Website, which includes both out-of-court proceedings and court procedures. These processes may be in regard to the legal rights of the Website, its users, or related third-party entities. 

Data Collection Methods

The Website may gather user information:

  • Through online forms that are consensually filled by users;
  • Through automated information collection methods, which are valid for every user that accesses the Website, via cookies, web beacons, or local shared objects. 

Cookies represent small data files that the Website (as well as many other websites on the internet) stores on the computer of a user. These files are there to help the Website improve the user experience of those who access it. The Website may use cookies for different purposes, including but limited to tracking website visit statistics, refining methods for content targeting, and general approximations of what topics and features will prove popular with its users. 

Cookies are also used by third-party entities, such as social networks and advertisers, in order to collect information regarding the browsing habits of the Website’s users. This data is shared with other third-party websites, which use it to display better-targeted advertisements. 

Most contemporary browsers contain options for limiting the usage of cookies or completely opting out of downloading them. Additionally, some browsers have the option of a notification being displayed once a cookie is sent from the Website to the user. Such options are not guaranteed to be in every browser by the Website and vary between different software solutions and software versions. 

The data that the Website will gather using cookies may include but is not limited to data regarding the users’ 

  • Websites that referred the user to the Company website, 
  • Operating system,
  • Browser software, 
  • Domain name.
  • Access times,
  • Internet Protocol (IP) address

In addition, the Website can collect data that is aggregated or anonymized data that cannot reasonably be utilized to identify an individual user but is only used to give the Website general information on usage statistics. 

Usage of Collected Data

The Website can only process and use data on users if it has a legal and legitimate basis for doing so or with the explicit consent from users. The Website may use this data for: 

  • Administering the Website and related business enterprises, maintenance of security and safety of the Website owners and users, as well as provision of services and backing-up of the Website databases; 
  • Monitoring and continued enabling of Website usage; 
  • Communicating with individual users regarding their accounts and personal information;
  • Giving individual users or groups of users information related to Website products, services, and other related content;
  • Providing responses to the users’ requests related to Website services;
  • Provision of promotions, contests, surveys, and similar Website features;
  • Complying with, defending, enforcing, or indemnifying the Website’s legal interests or the legal interests of a related third party; 
  • Delivering emails to Website users with information on Website promotions or other regular Website features.

Digital Data Security

The Website is constantly vigilant regarding the maintenance of a reasonable level of digital, physical, and otherwise, technical security. This is done in order to prevent the loss, misuse, disclosure, modification, or unauthorized access to the personal information of users. 

The Website uses the most up-to-date digital security apps, programs, and strong passwords, and it constantly monitors itself for security breaches and hypothetical vulnerabilities to make certain that the user experience while using the Website is as safe as it can be. 

While these are all reasonable steps to make sure that the users’ personal information is secure, there are still no guarantees that any data transmitted over the internet is completely safe, the same being true for any personal data stored on a physical device or the transmission of data over a public network different from the internet. 

Sharing of Data With Third Parties

The Website will not divulge any personal information related to the users to third parties, barring the circumstances listed here. Specifically, the Website is allowed to share user information with any subsidiary of the Website’s owner, the same being true for its holding company, insurer, hosting company, and any business advisors or other third-party entities that the Website hires to provide assistance with the running and maintenance of the Website or the business conduct of the Website’s owners, if the above-mentioned third-party entities agree to retain the confidentiality of user data. 

In addition, the Website is allowed to divulge user data upon requests from the relevant legal authorities, or in an effort to stay compliant with the local regulations in a relevant jurisdiction, or to maintain the enforcing of clauses from the Website’s Terms of Use or this Privacy Policy, or while providing protection to the Website’s property rights and safety, as well as the property rights and safety of its users. Lastly, the Website may disclose personal user data during an out-of-court legal procedure or over the course of court proceedings. 

The Website retains the user email addresses from any users who have made contact with the Website staff via email, anyone who has subscribed to any Website newsletters, and anyone who has made an account on the Website. The said email addresses may not be shared with third-party entities using “list sharing,” and they may not be sold by the Website for profit. 

Over time, the Website hires third-party entities for their maintenance or advertising services. These services include the analyzing of user preferences in order to give the Website users the most relevant products, services, and content or in order to retain information used for conversion tracking. Users should keep in mind that these third parties may have their own privacy policies that differ from this Website’s Privacy Policy. Under such circumstances, all users should refer to these independent Terms of Use and Privacy Policies to keep themselves informed on how the third-party entities utilize their personal information. 

The Website may deliver aggregated user information to third parties, which cannot be utilized to divulge identities of individual users but can be used for different marketing and advertising purposes. This type of user data is used to craft ad profiles, perform Website analytics, and give the Website the most up-to-date information regarding website usage. 

Privacy Policy Changes

The Website may change its Privacy Policy from time to time. Users will be notified of any changes by a new version being released on the Website. Thus, all users should check the appropriate page on the Website in order to stay compliant with any Policy changes. Additionally, major Policy changes may be accompanied by email notification to all users.