Things People Can Do

Steamboat Springs Bars and Reustorants

When you come to downtown Steamboat Spring, it is inevitable that you’ll take a break at some point to refresh or to fill your bellies with delicious food that this town has to offer. No matter if you were looking just to drink cocktails, or to eat and drink, you will be happy with the options you’ll have in your disposal. Steamboat is famous for its restaurants and bars.

Many people come to ski resorts and hot springs, and we are sure that this small town has to offer something for everyone — from lively Irish Pubs to Mexican bars and grills. It is even better when it is the time of the happy hour. At that moment, people can try their favorite drinks and meals at a reduced price.

Go for a Quick Drink Or a Longer One

Sunipe’s Bistro is the best pub if you ask any local in the street. Yampa River is very close to the backyard of this pub, so if you were planning on hiking, this place next to the river is a great spot for revitalizing.

During summer, Sunpie’s has a big Jenga, which is a board game that guest can play while being in their pub. Come at the time of the happy hour, and try their signature drink — the Hurricane.

Fine Dining

There are plenty of places that you should visit if you are looking to have a great meal while chilling with a view.

One of those places is Aurum Food and Wine, which is a restaurant that has a view of the river. At night, heat lamps open fire pits will keep you warm during the chilly evening air. Seats and tables are comfy, so the stay should be very enjoyable.

Old Town Pub & Restaurant is a very old pub, and it was opened in 1904. The history of the place tells us that people like coming here. Guest can enjoy live music while dining. It’s also a hotel where you can stay overnight.

Fine Dish

Rex’s American Grill & Bar offers its space for events and meetings. It frequently organizes music live performances during the summer only. It is the best place to try American cuisine.

Their Chef uses all-natural ingredients and picks only the highest quality. Every Friday night is a Fish Night, so don’t miss it.

Live Music Performances

Schmiggity is the club in Steamboat where you can enjoy live music and dance. It’s in the center of the city. The sound system, light, and the podium are amazing. This club is open every day, and the happy hour is from 6 to 8 p.m.

Live Music Perfomance

If you happen to be closeby, be sure to visit this pub and what it has to offer. Guest can enjoy many live music shows, dancing night, DJ’s, game nights, etc.

Going to the Theatre

There’s one Theatre in Steamboat, and it’s called The Chief Theater. It is managed by the Friends of the Chief, which is a non-profit organization. Their goal is to maintain and organize this history place and contribute to the cultural and economic value of Steamboat Springs.

If you want to have some fun and take part in some activities, then this is the place for you.

Snow Bowling

Snow Bowl Steamboat offers 12 bowling lanes, and when you want to take a break, you can order some food. It’s recently renovated, and look spectacular. If you were looking for a place that offers entertainment, you should check this one out.

Visit as many places as you can. Each one has its own unique thing that you simply must check in person. When you are not skiing, you can visit places that we pointed out in this article. And in case you are coming during summer, we’ve covered some places that you can visit to relax and chill while listening to music and eating.