Where Is Avon, and What Is There for People to Do?

Avon Mountain

Avon is located at the base of Beaver Creek Resort. It is known to people as “Heart of the Valley,” and it provides visitors with lovely views, many recreational activities, and a number of restaurants. It is miles west of Vail. Ski and snowboard fans can visit Beaver Creek Ski Resort, which is located here.

Every year, concerts, festivals, and other events take place there. Staying overnight can be affordable, but it can be pricey too.

History of Avon

Mountain Avon

In the early days, Ute people were the ones who first inhabited most towns in Colorado. And people who were coming to the town of Avon, which is part of the Rocky Mountains, initially didn’t intend to create a town, but they were catching beavers with the idea of stocking up on fur supplies that they needed a place to sell at.

John Charles Fremont, who was an adventurer, and his team in 1845 went to the Eagle River and trapped a “buffalo fish.” Due to this discovery, they thought they would discover other species in this area, so they founded a camp by the river which they called “William’s Fishery.”

Newcomers in this town were farmers, and that’s how they earned money. Namely, they grew hay and raised livestock in order to provide food for the miners in Red Cliff. Early settlers Metcalf and Oscar Traer validated the paperwork with the goal of claiming the land under the Homestead Act.

After some time, the town’s people constructed irrigation trenches. On July 4, 1891, the city of Avon was alongside other cities in the vicinity of the Eagle River, which they referred to as Eagle County, and was considered an excellent place to live in.

From the time of cultivating lettuce in the town, Avon turned into an attractive tourist destination.

Well-liked places near Avon are the Beaver Creek Resort and the Historic Water Wheel.

Things to Do in Avon

Nowadays, there are various types of outdoor activities that visitors can partake in. Some of those are kayaking, rafting, ice skating, skiing, hiking, mountain biking, pond hockey, etc.

At the 48-acre Harry A. Nottingham Park, visitors can even rent a boat to paddle around Nottingham Lake. In the city, there’s a new complex, Whitewater Park, that gives people an opportunity to try kayaking and surfing, regardless of whether they are skilled or not. What’s more, those who are not keen on these activities can enjoy the views that can be captured from here.

Avon Ski

And if you plan on going there to ski only, the free shuttle bus will take you to Avon Station, where you can take the gondola to Beaver Creek.

Besides those outdoor attractions we’ve mentioned above, Avon provides its visitors with cultural attractions too. Right now, the center of the city is under renovation, and after they are done, there will be a bigger pedestrian zone for fine dining and shopping.

At Avon’s Vilar Center, there’s a May Gallery which organizes art shows of all types. Tourists can see many art pieces in the streets and the library of the town of Avon. For instance, bronze statues that can be seen all over the city.

Additionally, several other mountain towns are close to Avon; for example, Breckenridge, Aspen, Steamboat Springs, etc.

Top Attractions You Must Visit

Avon Rec Center — This recreational center consists of a training facility with more than 40 machines for cardiovascular and resistance exercises. There are 1,600 square feet of training space for resistance and two studios for group fitness. Their watersports area consists of a large water slide, hot tub, steam room, sauna, a pool for children, lap pool, diving pool, lazy river, and so on. In the lobby of this center, there’s a cozy lounge area and a climbing wall.

Avon Rec Center

Walking Mountains Science Center — They offer visitors and local people the possibility to wander through nature, learn something new, and discover the many things that characterize this mountain territory by participating in this center’s programs. Exploring these landscapes with them will undoubtedly be an enjoyable experience for you.

Hotels Where You Can Stay

Hyatt Residence Club Beaver Creek

Hyatt is located in the center of Beaver Creek, and it is built in the European alpine architectural style. On the other side of the street, guests can go shopping and grab a bite in some fine restaurants. Also, there’s a Vilar Performing Arts Center and an ice-skating rink. Ski routes are few meters away from the ski locker room, and you can ski your way to and from the Elkhorn and the slopes.

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa

Park Hyatt Resort and Spa is an outstanding mountain resort for any season. It is in Beaver Creek, and it is a perfect choice when you go mountain hiking. During winter, guests have a ski-in and ski-out access, and during summer, they can participate in a game in their open green space.

The Westin Riverfront Mountain Villas

The Westin Riverfront Villas are close to Avon, and they provide access to the Vail Valley and Beaver Creek Ski Resort. Guests can choose from roomy studios to one- and two-bedroom villas. In one villa, there can be up to eight individuals, and each of them has a private balcony, a dining area separate from the living area, and the accommodation includes all essential appliances.